Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

The mission of Holanda Green Solutions is to clean up nature from plastic waste and to create new value by making usable product out of this plastic waste.

By selling the products we can pay the salaries of local people. All the profit that is being made will go back in the foundation. We will use this to clean up nature and collect plastic waste. We would also like to start other factories in different countries to create more awarenes, create jobs and clean up nature elsewhere. The board of the foundation will not be paid for their work.

We are going to organize the removal of plastic debris scattered along the roads in the Dominican Republic (and other countries) and have this plastic waste recycled into useful sustainable products such as roof tiles/plates.

We want to buy machines that can make rooftiles out of different kind of plastics, mixed with sand. The goal is accomplished when the first mobile factory is running, local people are working at the factory and people can get paid for collecting plastic and cleaning the environment.


  • To clean up the landscape and nature from plastic waste, for inhabitants as well as tourists.
  • To make the people aware of the waste problem and to stimulate them to take action to keep it clean.
  • To decrease health risks such as the Zika virus.
  • To create a business, by making a usable product, that is profitable and provides jobs for local people.
  • To repeat the clean up activities with a factory in other countries.

Take action and donate

Your donation will help us to continue our current project and keep finding new solutions for global pollution. With your support we can go on cleaning up the planet.