Who we are

We are passionate people who want to find solutions for the plastic problem. We can clean nature by selling recycled plastic products. This is a non profit organisation that will become a social enterprise. We will not get paid for our duties. All the money that comes in the foundation will be used for the purpose of the foundation; cleaning up nature, creating usable products, create awareness and give local people jobs.

How it started

After a holiday in the Dominican Republic in January of 2016, Anke Schothorst decided to take action instead of closing her eyes to all the plastic waste that is lying around. Not only in the Dominican Republic did she see lots of plastic waste, but also in Morocco, which she visited in April 2016. She just cannot believe that we don’t care about future generations with all the waste that is just lying around. Plastic will not disappear by itself. So we humans, who created this substance, have to take action and remove it.

This is what she believes and feels strongly that this is what we have to do.

Purpose Economy

While in search of how this project was to be realized, she saw a documentary about the Purpose Economy. About people who do not exactly want to get rich but would rather be happy about what they are doing or creating. Helping others and doing something good for the world is the starting-point. Finding real solutions for problems.

The documentary inspired her. And so she came up with the idea of setting up a project to create sustainable goods out of the plastic waste that is polluting the environment. Starting with the clean up in the Dominican Republic.

Take action and donate

Your donation will help us to continue our current project and keep finding new solutions for global pollution. With your support we can go on cleaning up the planet.